White lines, two inches on a mirror 

Can make even the slowest snail run a mile

Once, twice, breathe it in

Straw in hand, white lightening in my veins 

Supposed to be the finest of cocaine

I’m on top of the world, queen of the universe

Nothing can be kept from me as everything speedsup and blurs

Fucksnort repeat as I twist myhairin a computerchair 

Gettin’ jitterycant sleep

Whoa holdup whatthefuck this don’t feelright 

Whatdid you give me

Ohmygod it’s i c e

Whydidyou do this I wantit tostop

Badtrip clean thehouse sweepthefloor wash dishes feed the dog fuck again neverstop I want it to stop I want to sleep

Coming down feel the urge holy shit 

Let’s do some more.


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