Clouds like smoke

Drifting waves across the sky on a winter’s day

Reflect in the eyes of a broken soul

Dull green of peat lost forever in some forgotten woods

Hold yourself together, unable to breathe

Gray sweater like armor against any outside source

Hide under the covers as if chased by a childhood monster

When in reality the demons are inside your head

Gentle knocks rouse you from uneasy sleep

Warm smiles and blue eyes urge you away from your cave

Wrap yourself in sadness like a heavy coat

Tighter than the arms encircling you

Ignoring the syncing heartbeat in your ear

And tear stains left on a red shirt

Silent pleas from the depths of nightmare

Pass pictures that only serve to remind you of all you’ve lost

Grief a tangible force stronger than any other

Buckle the seat belt in the antique car

Despite only wanting to join the owner wherever they may be

Young lover behind the wheel with no idea of the pain

Drive with the top up and the heat on

Unable to combat the ice encasing your heart

Loving smile never fades

A warm sun in the midst of fog and hopelessness

Matches the rays of light breaking through atmospheric seas

Roads made of clay billowing their own clouds behind you

Feel the speed caress your face as the roof above falls away

Sudden brightness as the sun wins over the dark

Drying the last tears staining a youthful face

Click the belt and stand against the wind

Whipping hair around you but washing away the pain

Feel the love of your lost one circle you in the warm air

And vibrant eyes of emerald catch fire in the sun


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