Rolling hills dotted with marble figures

Soldiers standing silent watch over the deceased

Veterans and children alike

Laid to rest under soft carpets of grass

2 feet wide, 6 foot deep, forever in each other’s company

Obelisks pierce the sky, landmarks among the dead

Mausoleums of onyx, granite, and brick

Choosen few who escape the dirt, but still equal in the reaper’s embrace

Sunset comes, sets the fields ablaze

The night belongs to the dead, living stay away

Giggles of ghost children who come out to play

As grandmothers soothe the souls of those who never lived

Evil begets evil, kept in check by those who perished in the line of duty

Serving the living still beyond gates of iron and stones of silt

Trees rustle with the last breath of every soul inside

Longing for the day that families are reunited

Under the heat of the setting sun


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