The truth truly is a bitter pill to swallow

Knowing that the fears that kept you awake

Tossing and turning in the middle of the night

Were correct the entire time

When you wished you were delusional


But instead you get to boast that you were


When in reality you’d pay to be


Like 90 degrees in the middle of a snow storm

The longing for them

For the long nights of kisses and hugs

Now you get the satisfaction that comes with


When all you really wanted was loyalty


But you get to live with knowing they were a


Wasted time in a finite life

Young and bold grows old and cold

Nothing to hang onto

No one to care about or for


Broken faith all because of blue eyes like


Long for the freedom of love


You allow the hate to fill your cup

You shall never want again

Not because you are happy with your lot

But because you gambled and lost


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